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Public-Common Partnerships: Democratising Ownership and Urban Development

Kai Heron, Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell
September 2021

Public-Common Partnerships: Building New Circuits of Collective Ownership

Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell
June 2019

Q&A: Public-Common partnerships

STIR Magazine
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn, Kai Heron & Frances Northrop

The Tories’ New ‘Community-Powered’ Plan Is a Cynical Power Grab

Novara Media
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn & Kair Heron

Market forces? Commoning the Latin Village

Frances Northrop

How ‘Public-Common Partnerships’ Can Help Us Take Back What’s Ours

Novara Media
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell

Building the new left economics: public-common partnerships and new circuits of ownership

Open Democracy
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell

The next phase of the Preston Model is the Public Commons Partnership

City Metric
Keir Milburn

Interview: Las colaboraciones público-comunitarias son organizaciones de transición

La Publica
Bertie Russell y Keir Milburn

Social Value Index: Building the Case for the Democratic Commons in Tottenham

Common Wealth
Adam Almeida

Strategies for a new municipalism: Public-Common Partnerships against the new enclosures

Urban Studies Journal
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn & Kai Heron

Reimagining Council Farms, 2020-2022

Shared Assets and N.E.F.
Kim Graham

Democratic and collective ownership of public goods and services

Transnational Institute
Luca Hopman, Satoko Kishimoto, Bertie Russell & Louisa Valentin

Book Chapter: Public-Common Partnerships, Autogestion, and the Right to the City

Capitalism and the Commons: Perspectives on Just Commons in the Era of Multiple Crises
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell

What can an institution do? Towards public-common partnerships and a new common-sense

Renewal Journal
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell