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Commoning The Public: Translating European New Municipalism To The UK Context

Gareth Brown and Keir Milburn
March 2024

Public-Common Partnerships: Democratising Ownership and Urban Development

Kai Heron, Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell
September 2021

Public-Common Partnerships: Building New Circuits of Collective Ownership

Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell
June 2019

Transforming the Public into the Commons

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Gareth Brown, Keir Milburn

PCPs as transitional organizations for the democratization of the economy

La Pública
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn & Mauro Castro

Q&A: Public-Common partnerships

STIR Magazine
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn, Kai Heron & Frances Northrop

The Tories’ New ‘Community-Powered’ Plan Is a Cynical Power Grab

Novara Media
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn & Kair Heron

Market forces? Commoning the Latin Village

Frances Northrop

How ‘Public-Common Partnerships’ Can Help Us Take Back What’s Ours

Novara Media
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell

Building the new left economics: public-common partnerships and new circuits of ownership

Open Democracy
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell

The next phase of the Preston Model is the Public Commons Partnership

City Metric
Keir Milburn

Interview: Las colaboraciones público-comunitarias son organizaciones de transición

La Publica
Bertie Russell y Keir Milburn

Plug-in Public Power: The Case for Community Energy Democracy

Common Wealth
Nick Pearce
Proposes a public-common partnership approach for implementing Labour's £3.3 billion Local Power Plan.

Patrimonio Ciudadano: A Framework for Public-Community Collaboration

IDRA: Institut de Recerca Urbana de Barcelona
Our translation of IDRA's important report documenting the development of public-communitarian partnerships in Barcelona

Social Value Index: Building the Case for the Democratic Commons in Tottenham

Common Wealth
Adam Almeida

Strategies for a new municipalism: Public-Common Partnerships against the new enclosures

Urban Studies Journal
Bertie Russell, Keir Milburn & Kai Heron

Reimagining Council Farms, 2020-2022

Shared Assets and N.E.F.
Kim Graham

Democratic and collective ownership of public goods and services

Transnational Institute
Luca Hopman, Satoko Kishimoto, Bertie Russell & Louisa Valentin

Book Chapter: Public-Common Partnerships, Autogestion, and the Right to the City

Capitalism and the Commons: Perspectives on Just Commons in the Era of Multiple Crises
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell

What can an institution do? Towards public-common partnerships and a new common-sense

Renewal Journal
Keir Milburn & Bertie Russell