Our Team

Abundance is a collective with a track record of critical research, organisational co-design, and public policy evaluation. Our methodologies are drawn from architecture, political economy, critical geography, ecology, urbanism and political science. You can read more about what we do here.

Abundance is committed to reflective processes of action-research, supporting the design and implementation of public-common strategies, evaluating and learning from the processes, and periodically reviewing our guiding hypothesis.

Core Team

Ben Beach is an architectural designer, urbanist and researcher. He is a founding director of Unit 38 Design & Co-research, an architecture practice specialising in pioneering new models of urban development. He has worked on a wide range of community-led projects and campaigns across the UK, including the award-winning Wards Corner Community Plan.

Kai Heron is a Lecturer in Political Ecology at Lancaster University’s Environment Centre. He specialises in the politics of land, agrarian systems, political economy, climate justice, and participatory ethnographic research.

Dr. Keir Milburn is a writer, researcher, and consultant. He has a background as an academic in political economy and organisational theory. He is the author of the widely acclaimed book, Generation Left and is an internationally recognised expert on economic democracy, the commons and Public-Common Partnerships.

Frances Northrop is an Associate Fellow at the New Economics Foundation, a director of Totnes Community Development Society and a trustee of Annetta’s Trust. She specialises in how change is created through different means – culture, policy, practice and campaigning – and is experienced in all four areas.

Bertie Russell is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is an activist-researcher with a doctorate in critical geography from the University of Leeds. He specialises in urban commons, economic democracy, co-production and radical municipalism. He is co-editor of the forthcoming book Radical Municipalism: The Politics of the Common and the Democratization of Public Services.

David is an architectural designer and researcher. He is a founding director of Unit 38 Design & Co-research and specialises in participatory design in community-led projects - working on projects in London, Uganda, Italy and Cambodia. He is a lecturer in Architecture at the University of Westminster and the Bartlett, University College London and was a Civic Futures fellow at the GLA.

Jamie Hignett is an architect, researcher and educator. As a cofounder of Unit 38 Design and Co-Research, he leads on community-led housing projects, participatory design and new models of collective ownership. He is a certified Passivhaus designer with a specific interest in regenerative and low-carbon construction.

Associate Fellows

Adam is a researcher whose work has been published by the Runnymede Trust, the Centre for Labour and Social Studies and New York University. His research focuses on gentrification and the financialisation of land and housing. He is currently a Senior Analyst at Common Wealth think tank.

Dr. Gareth Brown is a researcher, consultant, game-designer, and activist with a background as an organisation studies academic. He produces work on social movements, organisational change, the commons, and strategy.

Christine Berry

Christine Berry is a writer, researcher and strategist based in Manchester. Her work focuses on pathways to a more democratic economy, and she has been described as "one of the central figures in the new left economics". She is currently working on a book about democratic ownership, due out with Verso Books in 2024.